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Optimise your ad revenue and make the most of your growing audience with the INVIDI Pulse products. The Pulse ad management and programmatic trading tools are designed specifically to help broadcasters and publishers run their video ad businesses. For an overview, see Video Advertising Overview and INVIDI Pulse Overview.

Hot topics

Preload next ad in Android, iOS and tvOS SDK

From version, the Pulse Android, iOS and tvOS SDKs support the preload next ad function for linear (pre-, mid-, post-roll) ads. This feature enables you to start loading the next ad before the previous one has finished. Read more in 2020-09-14 Release and 2020-09-17 Release.

Updates in the Asset Factory

Previously, the ability to upload non-transcoded video files in INVIDI Pulse was only available when you add a new ad to a goal in a campaign. Only one asset could be uploaded at a time both through the UI and API. Video files uploaded through the API expired after 24 hours if they were not linked to an ad.

Now, you can upload up to five video files directly in the Asset Factory UI for automatic transcoding, and all video files uploaded through the Asset Factory UI and Asset API have up to 14 days to be linked to an ad before they expire. The maximum file size per video is still 500 MB. This enables you to store transcoded assets in your account in advance, and link them to ads at a later date. Read more in 2020-09-10 Release

Restructured Pulse validation developer guide

The developer guide on the Pulse Documentation Portal has been updated to follow the current validation process for integrations. Read more in 2020-08-19 Release.

Unique impressions for campaigns in Performance Metrics Explorer

A new metric, unique impressions, is now available in Performance Metrics Explorer when viewing campaign performance and campaign performance by day in the Metrics Summary table, Performance History graphs, and exported Excel files. When creating a share link, you can also select to share unique impression data for campaigns with external parties. Read more in 2020-08-11 Release.

Performance Metrics Explorer update

Now, you can select the breakdowns and metrics you want to share with external parties when sharing data from the Performance Metrics Explorer. Read more in 2020-07-20 Release.

Tag targeting updates in new Insertion Policy UI and API

Previously, the tag targeting in the Insertion Policy only supported the at least one of rule. Now, support for all of and none of rules has been added to the Insertion Policy UI and API. Read more in 2020-07-14 Release.

Batch upload endpoints

A new set of endpoints, called the Batch upload endpoints, are available to interact with INVIDI Pulse. These endpoints are part of the Audience Management API and complement the Pulse Audience Management functionality by allowing you to populate the Pulse session store with audience data for your viewers. Read more in 2020-06-24 Release.

Open Measurement

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has designed the Open Measurement standard to facilitate the measurement of mobile in-app ads by third-party viewability and measurement providers without requiring their own SDK.

We have integrated the Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK):
  • version 1.2.22 with the Pulse Android SDK. To benefit from the OM SDK, upgrade to version or later of our Android SDK.
  • version 1.3.1 with the Pulse iOS SDK. To benefit from the OM SDK, upgrade to version or later of our iOS SDK.

Collection and surfacing of impressions and viewability information is supported for normal and sponsor standard third-party ads (pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls), which are VAST 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 4.1 compliant.

This means that you can now provide required measurement data to all measurement providers and advertisers by accessing multiple measurement provider SDKs collapsed into a single integration, simplifying maintenance without sacrificing functionality. Allowing such transparency can bring more demand for your inventory. Read more in 2020-02-18 Release, 2020-06-29 Release, and Open Measurement.

Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0 launch in Pulse

TCF v1.1 is deprecated and superseded by TCF v2.0. IAB Europe will continue to support TCF v1.1 until 30 September 2020 and post that date support will be removed, which means support in Pulse ends at the same time. The implementation of the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework v2.0 in Pulse is now finalized. Read more in 2020-05-07 Release.

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